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32nd ASCOMOS will have not just a broad and comprehensive scientific program on recent advances, current scientific challenges and the evolving merits of innovators or emerging therapies, it also aims to bring several new initiatives that will be appealing to the entire spectrum of professional cancer community.

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Persistent cough is a common sign of lung cancer. So how do you know if your cough is worth looking into? Watch this video.

If these signs apply to you, it’s time to see a doctor or even get a low dose CT scan. It’s free in November, in conjunction with #WorldLungCancerAwarenessMonth. Details:

Visit to learn more about lung cancer today.


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Back pains are quite common, don’t you think? It’s normal to blame it on bad posture or age, but what if your back pains are a sign of something more serious… like lung cancer.

If your back pains look like this, then it’s time to speak to your doctor.

Early detection and timely treatment can make a difference. In conjunction with #WorldLungCancerAwarenessMonth, LCNM is partnering with several hospitals nationwide to provide FREE low dose CT scans to screen for lung cancer. Find out more at [link].

And visit to learn more about lung cancer today.

#knowinglungcancer #lungcancerawareness #LCNMalaysia #malaysianoncologicalsociety #ncsm
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