Categories of Membership

The MOS currently has over 200 members comprising oncologists, physicians, surgeons, nurses and other health professionals involved in the field of oncology. Kindly refer to the table below to determine the eligibility criteria for the category of your membership application.

Categories Eligibility Subscription Fees
Ordinary Medical practitioners actively involved in the practice of oncology. RM40.00 
per annum
Associate Registered allied health personnel and scientists with an interest in the science and practice of oncology. RM30.00 
per annum
Life Ordinary members who have paid in full the life membership fee. RM300.00 
Life Associate Associate members who have paid in full the life associate membership fee. RM225.00
Honorary Conferred to distinguished individuals at the discretion of the Executive Committee and shall be approved by at least two-third of registered full members present at an Annual General Meeting of the Society. Not applicable
Temporary Non-members who attend on-site during any conference, congress or meeting organized by the Society. Valid only during the period of the event. To be decided by the Executive Committee prior to the event

*Membership applications for Ordinary, Associate, Life and Life Associate categories shall be decided by the Executive Committee upon receipt of written application using the forms available on the website. The decision made by the Executive Committee shall be FINAL.

Kindly email you membership application form to

If you have any enquiries, please contact the MOS Secretariat:

Mailing Address:

Malaysian Oncological Society
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